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Meditation Ritual

Step 1: You need to find a quiet place where you know you’ll have at least 15 – 30 minutes of time without interruptions.

Step 2: You need to be comfortable. The most common way is to get a cushion and sit on the floor. You can have your back against the wall. Your hands may be on your knees, palm up, or folded on your lap. If this position is not to your liking, use any position that works for you, even lie down on your bed (try not to go asleep).

It's important to keep your spine straight throughout meditation. Most need to pay attention to this at first – until it feels natural.

Step 3: Close your eyes. Relax.

Step 4: Slowly take a deep breath in, hold it, and then breathe out. You can breathe in while counting to 6, hold for 3, and then exhale for 6. You may use another pattern if it seems more comfortable to you.

Repeat this slow breathing for at least 5 minutes. You will become very aware of the calming, rhythmic pattern.

Step 5: Gradually slow your breathing down, to be slower, slower, and deeper. Now visualize yourself breathing in freshness and love; and breathing out negativity and fear.

Step 6: Visualize your feet surrounded with a golden ball of beautiful, warm light. It may take time before you see the ball in your 'minds eye'. In time you will. This ball of light always brings peace and relaxation. With the coming in of the warm light, negativity drops out the bottoms of your feet. You may also tighten and relax your toes.

Wherever the ball of light goes, tension will leave, and it will charge you with its energy.

Step 7: Now, the ball of light expands up your legs, then to include your torso. Let it go down your arms, to your fingers. Then up to your head. Now it surrounds your entire body.

You are now surrounded by this majestic golden ball of warm light.

Step 8: Stay in this state of deep relaxation for several minutes.

Know that you can enter this state of deep relaxation whenever you want. In doing this ritual you become one with yourself, and you are one with the divine.

When you are ready to leave this state of relaxation, take three deep breaths. With each breath you become fully refreshed and alive, aware of energy throughout your body.

How Do You Become a Witch?
(Meditation Is Your Key!)

You may be amazed to discover this simple fact- witches have been performing what today we call "meditation" for thousands of years. Of course, it wasn't called "meditation," in old Britain and witches didn't sit on the floor with their legs crossed. Nevertheless, meditation was done, and done daily in the most expert manner. But why, you ask?

Meditation is THE MOST IMPORTANT single thing you can do.

Meditation is a powerful tool. Meditation uses concentration, focus, visualization, and together becomes a potent tool for heighten awareness and self control. Visualization brings a dynamic into meditation that energizes, brings focus, and raises power- which is the hallmark of the adapt witch.

Through starting to meditation you will begin to gain control of your own energy and begin your vibrant transformation in achieving a hightened awareness and control of yourself and your surroundings. This awareness will bring about a connection with the magical energies you were born with. It will heighten your psychic awareness and help in the divinations you will be doing.

The ability to harness power will bring about changes in your life, it will bring a transformation that is vital for the modern Seeker. Learning to meditate very well is the key to becoming a witch.

Read through the above Meditation Ritual and do it as soon as it is conveniently possible. You will need to form the habit of doing a Meditation Ritual every day. From today on, do it at least once daily.

Yes, I know it can be difficult to get into a new habit. Yes, it is a big step. Success depends on your desire to be a witch. This simple meditation is the beginning of transformation. It is the first step. Just do it.

Besides, meditation is calming and relaxing. You will come to enjoy it very much.

by Adrian Eglinton

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